Ballygarrett Golf Society Crest  Golf Swing

Mount Wolseley 2013

Dave Sterio runner up visitors prize
Dermot reacts to winning a prize
Paddy is always there
A motley crew
Graham makes his debut on the winners podium
Mr Downey collects one of two
You would think John just met the General!
Doesn't he have the prettiest smile
Ger Kelly winner of the visitors prize
Members toasting Paddy's win
When he starts he just won't stop
Paddy got so excited winning this special cup, it was on the cards!!!!
Which one got the mugs cup?
Mick delighted with his prize
Ned comes up trumps..again!!!!
The Timmons brothers are never far away
Graham makes his debut on the winners podium
Something tickling Richard
I have no speech ready what will I say
The general finally uncovered
John Downey wins yet again
Who is John Downey watching?
John Dunne overall winner
This is only pretend, John wants to know what it is like to win a prize

Overall winner of Captains Day 2013 Jim Sugrue delivers his winning speech
They are enjoying John's speech
Give me my prize or else

All those curves didn't stop Richard winning a prize

Captain circulates his speech to committee before he delivers it

Captain John looking after his son in law

John Wafer Snr wins yet another prize...have to check his handicap

Kitty ponders where she lost it

Never Far

The smile says it all